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10 Best Golf Socks 2018

There’s nothing like walking around a damp green on a crisp, spring morning after a winter of being trapped at the indoor hitting range. You have a new set of irons, new gloves, new shoes, and a cart, but perhaps one of the most unappreciated pieces of gear that golfers fuss over are their socks. […]

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6 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2018

Spikeless golf shoes have been revolutionizing the way golfers approach the sport. For decades, golf shoes have been made with metal spikes. While they provided a lot of traction, they caused a lot of damage when walking on the greens, which requires an incredibly smooth surface for putting. Spikeless golf shoes don’t cause extensive damage […]

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10 Best Golf Shoes 2018

Keeping your balance while playing golf is incredibly important if you want to get the most out of your swing. In order to achieve an amazing amount of balance, a good pair of golf shoes is a must. Golf shoes are made with unique spikes under the soles, allowing your feet to remain planted while […]

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