6 Best Junior Golf Clubs 2018

Golf is one of the best sports to start young. Many of the absolute greats had their start as young as five or six and one of the most effective ways to get started is with a quality set of junior golf clubs.

To prevent frustration, however, you should only opt for a set that is really going to help the junior golfer to improve their skills. This means knowing the difference between toy options and the best junior golf clubs.

In our list we have included some of the best available products on the market and alongside them we offer some great advice on choosing the right clubs for your junior golfer.

What to Remember

  • Number of Included Clubs. It is certainly not necessary for a young golfer to have all of the available clubs. Instead they should start out with only a putter and a wedge. Once these basic skills have started to be mastered then you can start to add irons and a driver.

The sets on our list include a range of different clubs and this means that they are suited to those just beginning and will be able to develop with their skills.

  • Professionally Fitted. If the junior golfer is likely to go on to playing at a higher level it can be worthwhile to get them properly fitted by a professional. It is often mentioned that Tiger Woods was fitted for clubs from the age of four onwards.

It is not an absolute necessity and most of the best junior golf clubs will not need to be professionally fitted for those golfers that are under 60 inches in height.

Top 6 Junior Golf Clubs Ultimate Chart

PictureNameClubs IncludedPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameClubs IncludedPriceRating (1-5)
1. Wilson Men's Profile Junior Golf Set5-piece set.$$$4.8
2. Nike Golf Kid's VRS Golf Club Set7-piece set.$$$$4.6
3. Nitro Blaster Junior Golf Club Set8-piece set.$4.4
4. Intech Lancer Junior5-piece set.$$$4.4
5. Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Set 4-piece set.$$4.4
6. Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Set 4-piece set.$4.3

Getting the Perfect Junior Golf Clubs

There are many points that you need to consider when you are looking for clubs for a junior golfer but there is one huge mistake that buyers often make.

The general thinking is: “I’ll get the clubs slightly bigger and they will grow into them.”

This should certainly be avoided at all costs. It may seem like a waste of money to have to purchase a new set of clubs for each time that they grow but it will save a lot of time and effort later on.

Often learning on a set of clubs that are too long will cause a range of habits that are almost impossible to correct later on. If the junior golfer has to hold the club any further than 3 inches down the handle then the club is too long and needs to be replaced.

Top 3 Best Junior Golf Clubs Reviews

1. Wilson Profile Junior

The Wilson Men’s 2015 Profile Junior Complete Package Golf Set is one that is great for all younger ages as it comes in different sizes to suit different size players. With the different sizes accommodating for ages between 4-13, you can start players as young as they want.

This is not the standard 8-piece set but is great for beginners to the sport to get a handle on the different clubs and what they do.

Considering how affordable this set is, it is a good investment for a new player to test the sport and their abilities.

2. Nike Golf Kid’s

The Nike Golf Kid’s VRS 7-Piece Golf Club Set hasn’t just been designed to play with in the backyard but is a legitimate starter set for kids that are looking to get into the sport of golfing seriously.

This is a lightweight set that lets the golfer get used to the weight of the heads and the flex of the shafts. This also comes with some of the best clubs in terms of getting results.

Being able to actually see how a putter can be used and the sand wedge, for example, make these some of the best junior golf clubs.

3. Nitro Blaster Junior

The Nitro Blaster Junior Complete is a set that comes with all of the basic clubs that will help a new or young player get into the game. This set includes irons, a putter, driver and a golf bag too.

These would be best used by kids aged 7-12 as they are a little tall for shorter and younger players. In terms of quality, you will not find better golf clubs than these.

They are not just a “play” set but clubs that can actually be used in lessons and on the green with accuracy.

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