Best Indoor Putting Green 2018

The best indoor putting green is the one that helps you in whatever way that you need. Whether you have bought the mat to get in more practice and improve more rapidly or would like to have some fun in the office, having one of these mats is always a plus.putting green is the one that helps you in whatever way that you need. Whether you have bought the mat to get in more practice and improve more rapidly or would like to have some fun in the office, having one of these mats is always a plus.

The difficulty in choosing the right one comes down to many different specifics and factors. To help you sort through the details and determine which mat is better for you, we have developed this guide.  Following this, you will be able to choose a putting green that meets your needs in every single way.

Three Things to Consider

  • Space. You should first consider where you would like the indoor putting green to be in your home or office. This should also include whether or not you will be keeping it out for constant use or if you would like the ability to store it regularly. For those that have a smaller space, there are indoor greens that come as small as 4’ x 10’ and for those that want to cover a large basement area, the sizes go up to 10’ x 20’.
  • Player Level. Your ability will determine how specific your purposes are for using the putting green. More advanced players will find mats that allow for longer putts and chipping while new or casual players will be better off with a simple mat that simply allow the repetitive practice of swings and general putting.
  • Budget. The best indoor putting green is the one that will last. The products in our list last longer than any other piece of golfing equipment, which means you will always get great value for your money.

Top 6 Indoor Putting Greens Ultimate Chart

PictureNameHoles/CupsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameHoles/CupsPriceRating (1-5)
1. LEVELGOLF - Dual-Track ProEdge Indoor Putting Green2$$4.8
2. Professional Practice Green 10'x3'. 5 Holes-1,000's of Long Challenging Putts From All Over the Green5$$$4.7
3. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)3$4.4
4. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Golf Putting Mat (2016 Version)1$4.3
5. Big Moss Golf Augusta Putting Green - 4 x 12 Feet12$$$$4.1
6. 12" x 6' Par 1 Inclined Putting Green with 4" Cup and 2 Hazards1$3.8

Tips for Choosing a Good Indoor Putting Green

The best putting mat is the one that you will be able to use and maintain in exactly the way that you want. Consider the following:

  1. Flexibility. Is the most important feature to consider when choosing a putting green. You should be able to use and store this mat with ease and should also be able to take it with you wherever, whether this means bringing it into the office or bringing it to a cabin on the weekend.
  1. Durability. Is the second most important feature you should be considering when looking into the putting greens. Even if you are not bringing this mat to different locations, you will want one that can withstand frequent use and tolerate the skills of an improving golfer.
  1. Maintenance. Should be easy and should extend the life of the mat. This should be something that you are able to do quickly to in order to keep the mat in tip top condition without it feeling like a chore.

Top 3 Best Indoor Putting Green Reviews

1. LEVELGOLF Dual-Track ProEdge

Whether you are a golfer or someone that likes to play mini golf every once in a while, this is a great putting mat to have around.

The LEVELGOLF – Dual- Track ProEdge Indoor Putting Green is long enough to make it feel like the putting is a challenge without it being too difficult either. The gravity return of the ball is also a great feature.

For those that are looking to improve their game, you can’t go wrong with the two different hole sizes. This also allows for some evidence of improvement even when just using the mat rather than testing any progress on the green.

2. StarPro Pro-Am Practice Putting Greens

What makes the StarPro Greens Professional Practice Indoor/Outdoor Putting Green the best indoor putting green is the fact that it is larger and has 5 holes rather than just one or two.

This allows for more intensive practice and even allows for small games and exercises to keep things interesting. Contours can be added and there are different textures to the surface of this mat, which make it more versatile.

Placing this product on a hardwood surface or in the basement on concrete both keep the mat in place perfectly.

3. Putt-A-Bout PUTTPAR3A

From the very first time you take the Grassroots Par Three Putting Green out of the box and lay it out, it will be smooth and ready to use.

It is recommended that you use this to practice putting strokes off-season and whenever you can’t actually get out on the greens. Whether you are using this mat on hardwood or even on carpet, it will stay exactly where you put it.

It should also be noted that because this mat lies so well on the ground, it can be kept out at all times. This is a great feature for frequent users.

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