10 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2018

Hybrid clubs make playing easier overall and are therefore the most popular club option among golfers. This means that there is an ever-growing selection of hybrid golf clubs on the market, all of which make big claims about what they can do for your game.

To choose the best hybrid golf clubs, you need to consider which aspects are most important to you and which skill areas are your weakest. From there you can think about the details of each club to make the best purchase possible for improving your play overall and even saving you money considering how versatile the hybrid clubs can be.

Aspects to Consider

Hybrid clubs come in a variety of types that will help your game in different ways. They include the following:

  • Hybrid Irons. These are the most popular hybrid clubs and possibly the best hybrid golf clubs available due to their versatility. The hybrid iron addresses the negative issues that you would normally encounter with the normal iron like having a small head and a longer shaft. The hybrid iron is the same size as a wood but with the size and weight adjusted for the shots that would be taken with an iron but with increased accuracy.
  • Hybrid Wood. Woods are not practical for using in right spots or rough areas which is one of the main reasons to purchase a hybrid wood. These have a smaller head for more control and weight dispersion for easier swinging.
  • Hybrid Putter. The hybrid version of a putter is larger, more rounded and has a sole that moves more easily over the grass than the normal putter.
  • Hybrid Wedges. This is a rare hybrid that offers a flat sole that allows for a smooth stroke without a chop. This is a good hybrid for more easily getting the ball out of sand or water.

Top 10 Hybrid Golf Clubs Comparison Chart

PictureNameFlexPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFlexPriceRating (1-5)
1. Callaway Men's X2 Hot HybridStiff$$$$4.8
2. Adams Golf Super LS Hybrid Golf ClubStiff$$$$4.6
3. TaylorMade Men's SLDR Rescue/Hybrid Golf ClubRegular$$$4.6
4. Adams Golf- Pro HybridStiff$$4.6
5. Cleveland Golf Men's 588 Hybrid WoodStiff$4.6
6. Cobra Men's 3-4 W Bio Cell Hybrid ClubRegular$$$4.6
7. TaylorMade N1122407 JetSpeed Golf RescueRegular$$$4.5
8. Adams Golf Super S Hybrid Golf ClubLadies$$$4.5
9. TaylorMade Men's Rocketballz Stage 2 RescueRegular$$4.5
10. Pinemeadow Secret Weapon HybridRegular$4.5

Buying the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

The first thing you should think about when considering purchasing a hybrid is which club in your collection you would like to replace.

Most manufacturers will provide a guide that detail which hybrid should be used instead of a specific iron, for example, but this often really depends on the loft of the hybrid iron.  The loft determines backspin as well as how high the ball will fly when it is hit.

Here is a basic comparison chart so you can determine which hybrid to choose for the iron:

IronHybrid Loft

Expert Tips

  1. You should also consider the collection of clubs that you will be left with whenever you buy new ones. There is the option to buy a set of clubs that include the most popular hybrid options and there is always the option to replace the specific ones that you have trouble handling with the hybrid version.
  1. The flex of the hybrid that you choose should be the one that you would choose for the equivalent iron, wood, putter or wedge. If the variable that you are most comfortable with is not available then the regular flex generally works for everyone.
  1. Price and quality are key. The purpose of buying a hybrid club is to improve your game but they are often more expensive than the non-hybrid options. A good quality hybrid is more forgiving and has a large sweet spot but stays within the price range of $50-$250.

Top 3 Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviews

1. Callaway WD RH X 2 HOT HY 3H GR LGT-P

The Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Hybrid is seriously at the forefront of hybrid technology for the company and when compared to other similar clubs. This one lets you get the ball into the air easily and it will go far and straight to give you the ideal results

This hybrid club is sure to improve your golf score. It also even helps with swing speed. An increase should be expected in just a few months.

Even when you hit the ball a bit off with this hybrid club, you will still get some decent results, which is always a plus. The forgiveness is really the main addition to your playing. As a result you get more confident and then become better overall and the cycle really just continues from there.

2. Adams Golf Super LS Hyb

This Adams Golf Super LS Hybrid is great for replacing a 3-wood. It gets the same distance from the tee and the fairway but with more consistency than the 3-wood was ever getting. This makes it easier to practice and easier to get the game going.

You will notice when you use this hybrid that the shots you hit will be very straight and long. Even with an average swing speed you can get to nearly 200 yards with it.

It is recommended that you tee up low to get an ever higher and longer launch. The build of this club is really sturdy too, allowing for swing speeds of all kinds.

3. TaylorMade N11180070-PARENT

The TaylorMade Men’s SLDR Rescue/Hybrid is roughly as long as a 5-wood but it hits further and more consistently than the normal club. When you hit the ball, it will more often than not go far and straight, which is just want you want from this model.

This club is maybe heavier than expected but this heft adds to the power with which you are able to hit, especially considering the size of the club head.

This is one of the best hybrid golf clubs for amateurs as well as the experts with a handicap.

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