10 Best Golf Shoes 2018

Keeping your balance while playing golf is incredibly important if you want to get the most out of your swing. In order to achieve an amazing amount of balance, a good pair of golf shoes is a must. Golf shoes are made with unique spikes under the soles, allowing your feet to remain planted while swinging. This also gives the golfer additional control.

Finding the best golf shoes for your needs may seem quite simple, but it’s not as easy as buying regular everyday shoes. Golf shoes come with different features, different types of spikes and tend to be quite different from one shoe model to another. Finding the pair of golf shoes that will bring the most benefits to your overall game is key. Here is a list of the top rated golf shoes currently available on the market.

Top 10 Golf Shoes Overview Chart

PictureNameGenderPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameGenderPriceRating (1-5)
1. Ashworth Mens Cardiff Adc Mesh Golf ShoesMen’s$$$4.7
2. adidas Women's Adizero Sport II Golf ShoeWomen’s$4.7
3. ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Golf ShoeMen’s$$$$4.7
4. Skechers Performance Women's Go Golf 2 Fairway Golf ShoeWomen’s$$4.6
5. Nike Golf Men's Nike FI Impact (W) Golf ShoeMen’s$$4.6
6. adidas Men's Adicross Gripmore Golf ShoeMen’s$$4.6
7. ECCO Men's BIOM Hybrid Golf ShoeMen’s$$$$4.6
8. Nike Golf Men's Nike Lunar Control2 SL Golf ShoeMen’s$$$4.5
9. adidas Women's Adizero Sport Golf ShoeWomen’s$$$4.5
10. Nike Golf Women's Nike Lunar Duet Sport Golf ShoeWomen’s$4.4

How to Find Good Golf Shoes

Shopping for a new pair of golf shoes isn’t always an easy task. There are a ton of different things to consider when purchasing your shoes. Plus, golf shoes will tend to be quite different when compared to traditional shoes, so you may be under the impression that your new golf shoes feel weird. Here are some things to consider when purchasing the best golf shoes for your needs.

  • The Middle Section. Golf shoes need to provide you with a unique type of support. For this reason, the middle section of most golf shoes tend to be a little tighter than traditional shoes. This provides additional support while swinging. Although the middle part of the shoe may feel a little tighter at first, this part normally stretches to fit your feet to perfection.
  • Trying Them On First. When buying shoes online, it’s always best to figure out which pairs interest you the most, then visit a local golf store to try them on before ordering them. Golf shoes normally have to be bought a little larger than normal shoes. The rule of thumb is to have one-half inch of space between the tip of your big toe to the tip of the shoe.
  • Waterproof. Many golfers will occasionally play in wet conditions. Whether the grass is damp from morning dew or even if it’s raining, playing with wet feet is never enjoyable. You’ll most likely be playing for roughly 4 hours, so keeping your feet dry with waterproof shoes is a good idea. Many golf shoes come with waterproofing technologies and it’s well worth spending a little extra on waterproof golf shoes.
  • Golf Shoe Style. Choosing the style of your golf shoes is another big decision to make. With so many different styles available these days, it’s an overwhelming decision all on its on. It should really come down to which style is the most comfortable for your feet. There are plenty of styles including classic golf shoes, athletic style shoes, trendy styles and even golf sandals.
  • Plastic Spikes. Choosing plastic spikes over metal spikes is a great decision. Metal spikes are now banned on many courses because of the damage they cause on greens. Plastic spikes offer just as much traction as metal spikes and most them also come with the convenience of being replaced with ease. This allows you to maintain your golf shoes in amazing conditions for several years.
  • Breathability. Finally, you’ll want to get golf shoes that breathe well. Golf is a sport and you will essentially be playing this sport for 4 to 6 hours at a time. This causes a lot of sweat to build up. With shoes that offer great breathability, you will be able to avoid excess sweat build-up and you’ll be able to focus on your game rather than your feet.

 Top 5 Best Golf Shoes Reviews

1. Ashworth Cardiff Adc Mesh

The Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Adc Mesh Golf Shoes have made it to the top of our list because they offer superior comfort in a highly efficient shoe. In a very sneaker-like style, these Ashworth golf shoes cater to all genres of golf players. With very small plastic spikes, walking around in these golf shoes is super comfortable, unlike shoes that have long metal spikes. You also won’t have to worry about causing damage to the greens while wearing these shoes.

With a more informal design, these shoes are stylish and provide enough traction to benefit from superior control with every swing. If you’re looking for a trendy type of golf shoe that provides amazing support and control, you will definitely want to consider the Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Adc Mesh Golf Shoes.

2. Adidas Adizero Sport II

A great option when it comes to picking golf shoes for women is the Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe. This pair of shoes comes with synthetic and fabric materials for superior breathability and a lightweight construction. Breathable mesh is also integrated into this shoe in order to create a more comfortable golfing experience.

With a manmade sole and spikeless technology, this pair of golf shoes offers great traction while being super comfortable when walking around after a round of golf. Enhanced flexibility and grip make the Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe one of the best options for women searching for the ideal golf shoe.

3. ECCO Biom Hybrid 2

Another amazing option for male golfers is the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe. These shoes are made with leather and synthetic materials for a lightweight construction that offers superior comfort and durability. This golf shoe is incredibly breathable and very resistant to weather conditions such as rainy days.

With an incredibly comfortable feel and a stylish design, this golf shoe is among the best on the market. Great support allows you to benefit from amazing control with every swing you take. If you’re looking for a high quality pair of male golf shoes that offers efficient results, you’ll love the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe.

4. Skechers Performance Go Golf 2

Made from synthetic materials, the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf 2 Fairway Golf Shoe is extremely lightweight and comfortable. With incredible breathability, you will enjoy a dry and comfortable golfing experience every time out on the links. The Resa Grip spikeless outsole provides superb traction without causing any damage to the greens and while also removing the need to change footwear after the game.

The thick rubber sole provides great durability and a comfortable experience. If you’re looking for a pair of golf shoes that is affordable, provides great traction and is extremely comfortable, you will love the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf 2 Fairway Golf Shoe.

5. Nike Golf Men’s Nike FI Impact

The Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf Shoe is made entirely from synthetic materials for a lightweight construction that offers a lot of breathability and comfort. The breathable mesh offers superior comfort by keeping your feet dry for the duration of your round of golf. The Nike dynamic fit system offers an incredibly comfortable fit for all types of feet.

Rubber traction pods provide amazing traction while swinging, allowing you to gain more precision with your game. If you’re looking for a great pair of golf shoes that look trendy and offer efficient results, you’ll love the Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf Shoe.

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