6 Best Golf Clubs for Women 2018

If you are a female golfer, you may find it difficult to find the right set of golf clubs. Sure, you could use a men’s golf club set, but it may be uncomfortable and could possibly impact your performance of the course. You would be much better off finding a good set of women’s golf clubs, because they are built specifically for women.

There are plenty of women’s golf clubs available, but some are really quite terrible. There are so many choices that it can be hard to weed out the good from the bad, and it can be a little overwhelming when you are looking at all the choices you have. We will show you the best golf clubs for women available right now.

Top 6 Golf Clubs for Women List

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Golf Girl FWS2 PETITE Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag$4.7
2. Palm Springs Golf VISA LADY ALL GRAPHITE Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag$$$4.7
3. Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set$$4.7
4. Adams Ladies Golf Idea A12OS Sandstone Integrated Set$$$$4.7
5. Wilson Women's Hope Complete Golf Package Set$4.6
6. WILSON ULTRA Womens Ladies Left Handed Complete Golf Club Set$4.6

Top 3 Best Golf Clubs for Women Reviews

1. Golf Girl FWS2 PETITE

This fantastic golf set is made up of a driver, a wood, two hybrids, seven irons, a putter and a bag. The driver is an oversized 460 cc model with the biggest legally allowed sweet spot and a graphite shaft. The #3 wood and the 3 and 4 hybrids are oversized, and each has a graphite shaft. The #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 and PW are deep cavity back irons, also with graphite shafts.

All the clubs feel like they are made of high quality, durable materials and yet they are still incredibly light. We have been using these clubs vigorously for a few months now, and we have to say that we are more than impressed with the way these clubs have held up against our testing.

We absolutely love the feel that the driver provides; it is so well balanced and has such a large sweet spot, that it is almost unbelievable. We were able to hit the ball much further with this driver, and that is impressive considering most other ladies drivers we have used don’t really improve the distance at all.

We would definitely recommend these golf clubs because they are high quality, durable, great feeling low priced clubs that any female golfer would be more than satisfied with. We could not find one single flaw with these clubs, yet we found out so many good things about them. A must buy for female golfers of any skill level.

2. Palm Springs Golf VISA

The Palm Springs Golf VISA LADY ALL GRAPHITE Hybrid Club Set has a large amount of fantastic clubs that perform extremely well. This set includes 2 woods, 2 hybrids, six irons and a lightweight, durable nylon carry bag. The bag has dividers and exterior zippered pockets, and looks quite nice as well.

All of the clubs in this set feel durable and high quality, but also extremely lightweight and easy to swing. We have been using these golf clubs for a few weeks now and we are pleasantly surprised about how well they are holding up.

The feel of all these golf clubs is amazing, but the 3 hybrid is the best. We love how balanced it is, it is just so easy to swing. We noticed that our distance improved quite a bit when using this 3 hybrid compared to a few other 3 hybrid clubs we have tested.

We highly recommend these golf clubs to any female golfer, as they are durable, high quality, low priced and they feel good. What more could you ask for in a set of women’s golf clubs? If you are in the market for some female golf clubs, you should definitely consider these.

3. Precise GT-R Ladies Petite

The Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set is a fantastic set that includes a driver, a 3 wood, a hybrid, a number 6 PW, stainless irons, a putter and a really good stand golf bag. The wood is a 460cc driver offers a larger sweet spot with more forgiveness and better distance. The hybrid is extremely versatile, and can be used almost anywhere on the course. The stainless steel irons are offset and wide sole, providing optimal performance. All of the clubs have a lightweight graphite shaft.

We love the hybrid in this club set. It is extremely versatile, and has a great feel when swung. We found that we were able to achieve a much longer distance with this hybrid than with other hybrid clubs from different brands. We also really like the 3 wood in this club set, as it is so forgiving and so easy to use. The sweet spot is incredibly big, so it is very easy to hit the ball well.

We would definitely recommend these golf clubs, because they perform so well. The price is phenomenal, the feel is great, the durability is fantastic and the clubs look really nice. If you are in the market for a new set of women’s golf clubs, then you should definitely consider the Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set.

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