10 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners 2018

Every golfer needs a good set of clubs to play, but not all golf clubs are created equal. Are they well balanced? Are they low priced? Do they offer a good feel? Are they comfortable to hold? These and many more are the questions you will have to ask when shopping for golf clubs. It can be hard.

There are so many choices out there when it comes to buying golf clubs, so many in fact, that it can be quite overwhelming for the new golfer to try and figure out what clubs are right for them. This buying guide will help you with that, as we show you the 10 best golf clubs for beginners.

Top 10 Best Beginner Golf Club Sets Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Wilson Men's Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set$$4.7
2. Intech Aspect XR 2/8 Men's Right-Hand Combo$4.7
3. Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Left Hand, Standard$$4.6
4. Winfield VERTEX Men's Golf Package Set / 12-pc Pkg$4.6
5. Mens Speedline Plus Woods/ Irons Set 3Wds/ 2Hyb$$$$4.6
6. Callaway Men's Strata Set (12-Piece, Right)$$4.4
7. Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver$4.4
8. Nextt Golf Men's Pro Score N Elite Complete Set, 17 Piece$$$4.2
9. Precise AMG Men's Tall Complete Set$$4.2
10. Confidence Golf ESP Men's All-Graphite Hybrid Club Set + Stand Bag$3.6

Top 5 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Reviews

1. Wilson Profile XLS

This club set consists of a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a 5-SW, a putter and irons. All of the clubs are equipped with a standard grip, and they come with a very nice looking carry bag that is durable and comfortable when held while walking. The carry bag also features a seven way padded top to organize and protect the clubs it comes with.

We have been using these clubs for quite a while now, and it is safe to say that these are one of, if not the best golf club sets for beginners available right now. They are well balanced and offer excellent forgiveness. We really love the hybrid club, as it provides very good distance and we feel as though we do not lose any accuracy compared to the irons.

These clubs are fantastic and easy to use, but possibly the best thing about them is the modest price tag. The Wilson 2015 Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Clubs are almost as good as the extremely expensive top of the line clubs, yet they cost much less. Since one of the most important factors that beginners need to consider when getting into golfing is the price, these clubs are an attractive option.

You will not be disappointed if you buy these clubs as a beginner, because there is simply no better choice for the new golfer right now.

2. Intech Aspect XR 2/8

The Intech Aspect Complete Set is a 14-piece collection that includes graphite 4 and 5 hybrid irons, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a putter, a graphite driver and a fairway wood. Each iron has an amazingly low centre of gravity that allows the golfer much more control and accuracy, as well as an easier swing.

We have been testing these clubs for a few months, and we really like the driver. It is very lightweight, and much easier to use than many other drivers we have used in the past. The hybrids way about the same as the irons, only they have a longer shaft. The whole set feels very well balanced, and offers a very nice feel.

These clubs are extremely cheap, especially considering how great the clubs are compared to some of the much more expensive sets out there. The Intech Aspect Complete Set would be a great purchase for people just starting to get into golfing, or even for those who just want to test whether they enjoy the sport or not.

We would definitely recommend these clubs because there are so many pros, and as far as we can tell, not a single con. They are durable, have a low centre of gravity, are easy to use and have a very low price tag. What’s not to like?

3. Wilson Ultra Complete Package

The Wilson 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set is widely considered to be one of the better golf club sets for beginners right now. The set consists of a driver, a 3 fairway wood, a 4 hybrid, irons 5-PW and a putter, all with standard grips and iron shafts. These clubs are very high quality and do not break easily, which is good because the last thing you want while playing is to have a club break.

The Wilson 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set feels really well balanced, and that is very important, especially for new golfers who are still figuring out their technique. We enjoyed playing with these clubs because the offer such a nice feel that is really responsive and forgiving. These clubs are really easy to use thanks to the low centre of gravity they have, so beginners should definitely consider purchasing this club set.

The price of these golf clubs is simply astounding, as you are getting such high quality, easy to use clubs for such a low price. If you are a beginner and you are just “testing the waters” to see if you like golf this collection will provide you with the best experience for the lowest price.

We would recommend these clubs to anyone, but especially beginners. For such a low price you simply cannot go wrong.

4. Winfield VERTEX Golf Package

This 12-piece set is composed of an alloy matrix driver with a graphite shaft, an alloy matrix hybrid with a tour steel shaft, performance oversize Iron 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9, pw with tour steel shafts, a blade style putter with a steel putter shaft and a very light stand bag with a dual strap system that is very useful when on the greens.

All of the clubs are very lightweight, yet still feel extremely sturdy and durable. We have been testing these clubs for a few months now and believe us, we have pushed them to the limits, yet none have been damaged even the slightest. The bag is also very nice, and has plenty of room for the extra golf clubs and balls that you will eventually yet inevitably need. It also looks very nice too, which is also kind of important.

These golf clubs are even cheaper than the previous items on this list, and for what you are getting it is definitely worth it. As we said in the previous reviews, these clubs are good for the novice golfer who is just getting started, but doesn’t want to invest too much into it only to possibly find out they don’t enjoy golf. The value you get for what you pay, is what makes these some of the best golf clubs for beginners.

5. Speedline Plus Woods/Irons Set

The Adams Speedline Plus Complete Set is a fantastic golf club set that consists of a driver, a 3 wood, a 5 wood, a 4 hybrid, a 6-PW, a SW, a putter and a very nice golf bag. All the clubs you would need to get started playing golf are included in this complete set, so the only other purchase you will need to make is a couple of packs of golf balls.

These clubs give a really good feel, especially when you have a more powerful swing. The driver is our favourite club in the lot, as it feels so balanced, mainly due to its excellent low centre of gravity. The clubs also look fantastic, which may not be a key feature but it is always nice to receive compliments on your choice of gear.

We would definitely recommend these clubs, because they are so high quality for such a low price. They are very durable, nicely balanced, great looking, cheap clubs that any beginner would be completely satisfied with. For the price that the Adams Speedline Plus Complete Set is sold for, you really cannot go wrong by purchasing these. A must buy for new golfers on a budget.

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