10 Best Golf Balls 2018

There are many things to consider when looking for the right pack of golf balls to purchase and it can get a little confusing at times. The main things you want to consider are the feel, the price, the price and the construction. We will cover all of those things in our reviews of the very best golf balls that you can purchase right now. We recommend all of the balls on this list, and we will review each one of them fully, but ultimately the decision is a matter of personal preference, and totally up to you.

There can be a problem when shopping for anything golf related though and this especially relates to golf balls; the large amount of options at your fingertips can be quite overwhelming and may even turn potential golfers off of golfing due to the huge amount of choices you have.

Top 10 Golf Balls Complete List

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Callaway Supersoft 2015 Golf BallsSuperSoft$$4.7
2. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf BallsSoft$$$4.7
3. Precept Laddie X Golf Balls, 24 PackSoft$4.7
4. TaylorMade Burner Golf BallsSoft$4.7
5. Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6 Golf BallsSuperSoft$$4.7
6. Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf BallsSoft$$$4.6
7. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf BallsSoft$$$4.6
8. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf BallsSoft$4.5
9. Nike Golf 2013 Mojo Golf Ball (24-Pack), WhiteSoft$$$4.5
10. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)Soft$$$$4.3

Buying Information

Before we get to the reviews, there is one thing we would like to add. Generally the softer the feel of the ball, the better it is, but some balls can take softness too far and that can completely obliterate any springiness or responsiveness, and that is a serious issue. Ideally, you want maximum softness, while retaining a nice amount of springiness and energy transfer from the club to the ball.

The balls we review in this buying guide all have maximum softness, but retain springiness. All of the balls below have a near perfect balance between those two factors, as you would expect of the best golf balls out there. The balls on this list are top notch, and as we said, we highly recommend them to any golfer who needs a new set of golf balls.

Top 5 Best Golf Balls Reviews

Finding a good pack of golf balls can be hard. There are so many options to choose from out there, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which one is right for you. Do these balls have a good feel? Is the wind resistance good? Do the balls sell for a low price? These questions and more will most likely cross your mind when researching the best golf balls.

This buying guide is here to take the guesswork out of buying golf balls, so you do not waste time shopping instead of actually playing the game.

1. Callaway Supersoft 2015

The Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls are the softest balls on the market right now, with a compression level of 35 that reduces spin for increased distance. These golf balls come in multiple different colours, such as white, optical yellow, pink, or multi-colour.

These balls have a really soft feel when hitting them with a club, and they fly 100% straight thanks to the ultra-low compression level of 35, causing them to have a very low spin rate during ball flight. We noticed a nice spring off the tee that we have not felt in any other ball.

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls offer great performance, and have a very low spin rate. They flew extremely straight when we tested them in mild winds, which is surprising considering how low the price for a pack of these balls is.

Overall, we would definitely recommend these golf balls; they fly straight, do not spin much, and go for a very low price. If you are in the market for a new pack of golf balls, then the first kind you should look at is these. You cannot go wrong with a set of Callaway Supersoft Golf balls.

2. Callaway Chrome Soft

The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls have extremely low spin rates that let you maximize your distance. They are also extremely soft, although not quite as soft as the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls.

We really enjoy the feel these balls give; they are soft, yet extremely springy. They offer explosive velocity when hit hard enough, but also go pretty far when hit with a normal strength swing. The Callaway Chrome Soft Balls have very good wind resistance, and fly straight in almost any conditions, which is great for beginners and pros alike.

These golf balls sell for a very nice price considering how good the quality of them is, so there really is no reason not to go and buy a pack if you are a golfer. They are all around great balls, with fantastic wind resistance, very good spin rates and an extremely soft feel that is only matched by that of the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls.

You should definitely try these amazing balls, as we are sure you will love them. You get such a great ball for such a low price that it is almost unbelievable.

3. Precept Laddie X

The Precept Laddie X Golf Balls have quite a few interesting features, including an enhanced velocity muscle-fibre core, a new 372 wind cheating dimple design and a touch and control Ionomer cover. These golf balls are also equipped with a low compression level; around 80 or so.

Although the name may suggest it, these are not ladies balls. These balls are for us male golfers who hit the lady precept a while ago and found that we got a much longer distance from them. Precept listened to customer feedback and developed the Precept Laddie Golf Balls for men.

We tested these balls and absolutely loved them. They have an even better feel than some of the more expensive balls by Nike or Titleist, and that is what we call impressive. We really enjoyed having a go of these on the course, and we happened to notice that our distance had improved quite a bit from using these balls.

In a nutshell, these golf balls offer great performance for an amazingly low price, and if you want to improve your distance then there is no better option than to buy a pack of Precept Laddie X Golf Balls.

4. TaylorMade Burner

The TaylorMade 2014 Burner Golf Balls have a few nice features; a REACT Core that provides a fast, long ball flight and an incredibly soft feel. These balls also have another feature that is very important, low drag aerodynamics. The TaylorMade 2014 Burner Golf Balls fly straight in almost any conditions, which is an impressive feat for wind resistance engineering.

We absolutely love the feel that these golf balls give when hit. The feel is soft, yet also quite springy and responsive. We all have different swing strengths, but found that these balls work equally well for all of us. They go fast and long, yet do not suffer in high wind situations, and that is very impressive compared to some of the other golf balls we have tested.

These golf balls are an excellent option for golfers in the market for an amazing ball that will not empty their wallet. The TaylorMade 2014 Golf Balls are an excellent all around ball that works well in any conditions. For such a modest price, there is absolutely no reason not to purchase a pack of these balls right now.

5. Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6

The Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6 Golf Balls have a decent amount of cool features, including an improved cover that provides increased aerodynamics, a new optimized dual dimple design that increases distance and a reformulated cover that allows for increased softness. These golf balls are one of the softest models on the market.

These golf balls provide a great feel; extremely soft, yet still responsive off the tee. We prefer these golf balls to many of the more expensive ones, yet these balls are much, much cheaper. The wind resistance technology that these balls are equipped with is unbelievable compared to other balls we have tested; they fly straight no matter what wind speeds you are playing in (to a certain extent).

We noticed that when we use these balls, our distance increases substantially. This is helpful for every golfer, but especially juniors who cannot quite hit the ball fast enough yet, and seniors who have lost a bit of power over the years.

We would recommend these fantastic golf balls to golfers of any age, because they are so easy to use. The feel is great, the wind resistance is nice and the price is low. What more could you ask for?

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