6 Best Golf Balls for Distance 2018

Who wouldn’t want to add yards to their initial drive? There are several ways you can achieve this, but one of the most reliable and the most affordable methods is investing in a golf ball that has been designed for distance.

To make finding the perfect product much easier we have created a list where you can find the best golf ball for distance and we have collected some of the most useful advice and tips that buyers need to consider before they make the final choice.

Basic Points to Remember

It can be tempting to only look at the description of the manufacturer, see that they guarantee greater distance and instantly purchase those golf balls. By focusing only on this one detail, you can actually damage your game.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind while you are looking over the list for the best distance golf balls:

  • Spin. All golf balls range in the amount of spin they provide. Here is a quick overview in the benefits of each category:
    • High. This high level of spin means that the ball will carry further through the air, however once it lands it will not roll as far as lower spin golf balls.
    • Medium. A combination of both distance and accuracy. This suits most players and the majority of manufacturers will produce this kind of ball.
    • Low. Using this type of ball will make your shots straighter but they will not travel as far. Due to the lower spin they will also roll a greater distance once they land.
  • Compression. The level of compression that you need in a golf ball all depends on your swing. If you have the slower swing of an average golfer then you don’t need to worry about specialized balls. It is only once your swing is faster than 90mph that you will need to opt for tour-level balls.

Top 6 Golf Balls for Distance Chart

PictureNameNumber of BallsPrice Per BallRating (1-5)
PictureNameNumber of BallsPrice Per BallRating (1-5)
1. Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball15$$4.7
2. Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls12$$$4.5
3. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball 12$$4.4
4. Nitro Maximum Distance 12$4.3
5. Nitro Ultimate Distance 15$4.2
6. Kick-X Golf Tour Z Premium 12$$$$4.2

How to Find a Good Ball for Distance

While compression and spin are both important they are not what makes the difference between long distance balls and ordinary ones. Here is the main feature to look out for when deciding on which is the best golf ball for distance:

Construction. Golf balls vary in the number of layers they have. The most basic, which are only really used for driving ranges, are made from one solid piece.

The majority of the golf balls on our list are made up of a two-piece construction, this is the type that provides the most distance for the average player. There is one exception on our list and we have included a 3-piece golf ball. With new developments several manufacturers have been able to create a quality distance ball with a higher level of accuracy.

It isn’t enough, however, to just be constructed of two or three pieces. You should check out the manufacturer’s description of the engineering process to really understand how these layers interact to promote the ultimate distance.

Top 3 Best Golf Balls for Distance Reviews

1. Wilson Tour Velocity

In terms of distance, feel and overall playability you really can’t go wrong with the Wilson Tour Velocity. These have been designed to give you more distance and a soft feel and they really do deliver on both of those things.

The low price is only the first appealing factor when you are considering which is the best golf ball for distance. These have the low price and the increased performance, even giving between 10-20 more yards than you would expect to hit with a normal ball.

Whether you have a slower swing or not, these are a great investment.

2. Nike PD Long Power

The high velocity core of the Nike PD Long Power Distance really does make a huge difference in how far these balls will travel. Even if you have a low swing speed, you can expect to hit much further with these balls.

In addition to performance, this product also has a great look that makes it quick to line up your shot and easy to find the ball afterwards. The bright yellow color is especially useful for beginners that have more mishits going everywhere than accurate shots.

The new technology used in the construction of this ball means that its flight is steady and the hit feels great off the face of any club that you are using.

3. TaylorMade Distance Plus

The TaylorMade Distance Plus balls have been specifically designed for pure distance. They have a larger core that makes the increased distance possible. The solid construction is also a huge plus as these are incredibly durable balls.

The visibility of these balls is also something to take advantage of. This is great for improving your game as you can see the exact line you have hit or where you need to make adjustments to your swing.

The backspin that you get is also something that is really good on the greens and will help you get the distance you want. With such a low price, you can definitely justify even just giving these balls a try.

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